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Tree Care

Tree Care

Providing Fredericton and surrounding areas with a variety of tree care solutions. 


Fully Insured, Certified and Trained staff can provide you with the best solution when it comes time to tackle tree work. 

Wether it be Removal, Corrective Pruning, Trimming or Stump Grinding, look no further than Lawn2Limb!

Lawn Care


Offering a variety of landscaping services to improve the appearance and value of your property. 


Why choose us? We offer a multitude of services, allowing you to deal with only one company on bigger projects, rather than multiple contractors. On larger projects, we offer a discounted price on the amount of work. In addition to easy communication, efficient quoting and professional work, what else could you ask for!

Custom Sawmilling

 About Lawn2Limb

"A one-stop shop of property care."


Serving Fredericton and surrounding areas, Lawn2Limb is your local leader in property maintenence/improvement. Wether your looking to improve the curb appeal of your home via landscaping, have some needed tree maintenance taken care of, or let us take over routine property maintenance such as lawn care, we're here for you. 


Matt Good


Matt started Lawn2Limb to help people like you get the service they want, all in one place. He and his crew work alongside that vision every day.

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